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​January 17, 2018             Updated the Weather and Information Page

January 8, 2018                Updated the Special Skills Training Page

January 4, 2018                Updated the Crater Academy Weather and Information Page

December 27, 2017          Updated 2018 Training grid on 2018 Training Page

December 14, 2017         New 2018 Training Grid, Training Catalog and Calendar updated on the 2018 training Page

December 12, 2017         Updated Pre-Requisites Listing on 2017 Training Page

December 12, 2017         New Training Officer Contact Listing on Resources Page

December 11, 2017         Added CPREP Orientation Session Dates on CPREP Page

December 6, 2017            Updated Low Enrollment Report on the Training Page

November 3, 2017            Updated Academy Staff page

October 6, 2017               Updated Job Openings Page

October 4, 2017               Updated Academy Staff and Job Openings Page

September 19, 2017        Updated training grid on 2017 Training Page

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