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September 3, 2020          Updated Training Grid on 2020 Training Page

August 24, 2020               Updated COVID-19 Resources on main page

August 17, 2020               Updated 2020 Meeting and Event Calendar on the

                                                  2020 Training Page

July 28, 2020                     Calendar Updated

July 13, 2020                      New COVID 19 Guidelines

July 1, 2020                        Update the 2020 Training Page

June 18, 2020                    Updated Online Training Class Grid

May 11, 2020                    Please View the 2020 Training Calendar for May IN-

                                           Service Courses

March 10, 2020                 2020 Training Page Updated with new Training Grid

February 21, 2020            2020 Training, Job Openings pages updated

January 24, 2020              2020 Training Page Updated with new Training Grid

December 18, 2019         2020 Training Page Updated

November 18, 2019         2019 Training Page Updated

October 28, 2019             CPREP page updated

October 14, 2019             Online Training, 2019 Training ,Staff and Job Openings pages all updated

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