Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy


​​​​​​​​ Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy (CCJTA) offers a wide variety of Training Programs.  

Here are some resources for some of our major training programs

The 2021 Training Calendar


      Training Resources, on the Calendar page:

​                    2021 Training Catalog

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                    2021 Course Pre-requisites listing

Low Enrollment Courses

​Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy (CCJTA) has held in excess of two-hundred and fifty (250) classes a year for the last several years.  It is costly to hold so many class options; it is worth it if Officers are able to take advantage of the classes.

The below listing IS NOT a total list of classes that we have scheduled; this listing represent classes with LOW or NO ENROLLMENT.

The classes in yellow are courses that we are interested in seeing succeed as they are important classes. The classes in red are even more critical classes and represent unique training opportunities or classes that we have special investments in as far as instructional and logistical resources.

Please consider supporting these classes with enrollment at Also please check our new prerequisites document for class requirements.

Remember if all agencies do a little then no one agency has to do it all.

 -Thank you.

Online Training, 2021 Online Training Calendar options

Pre-Employment Training, Info on the CCJTA Pre-Employment (CPREP) program

Crisis Intervention Training (CIT), CCJTA hosts all of the South Central Region's CIT Training 

Satellite Training, 2021 Online Training Calendar options

Tactical Training, 2021 Online Training Calendar options