Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy


Crater Criminal Justice Academy is excited to announce a series of tactical training courses to be presented in modules during 2020.

The goal of this series of courses is to provide tactical training for all the basic functions of a police tactical team at the local level at an affordable cost for member agencies.

Non-member agencies are also welcome to participate in this training. These courses are physically and intellectually challenging. A comprehensive written exam will be administered at the conclusion of each course.

All consumable “less than lethal” munitions are also included for courses. All tactical classes will be presented at the CCJA campus.

SWAT Operator I

Dates:  January 6-17, 2020

Cost:    Member agencies- $550

            Non-member agencies - $650

Description: This challenging prepares officers to participate in the most frequent types of tactical operations; high risk warrant services, armed barricaded person operations and hostage rescue incidents.  Officers who complete this course are be prepared for immediate assignment to a tactical team.  Training distraction devices, chemical munitions, impact munitions and Simunition kits/cartridges are provided by CCJTA.                  

SWAT Operator II

Dates:  March 30- April 4, 2020

Cost:    Member agencies- TBD

            Non-member agencies - TBD

Description: This course prepares officers to participate in tactical operations that would typically occur in a woodland/rural environment.

Topics Covered:

Land navigation with map, compass, GPS
Patrolling operations
Camouflage and concealment
Firearms skills for woodland operations
Visual tracking
Utilizing K9 tracking assets
High risk manhunts
Rural surveillance operations

Tactical Training