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Same Day Course Registration

This is the following information required:

Name: Please enter your full legal name, avoid nicknames or initials only.  For Example: William J. Smith

Agency: Which Agency is sponsoring your attendance at the training today

Last 4 of Identifying number: This helps us to make sure that we are crediting the correct person for attendance at the class

Email Address: Please enter your email address where the credit form will be sent to

Phone Number: Please enter your phone number, with area code, in case we have questions and need to reach you

Academy of Record: Which Academy tracks your training. 

This would be one of the following:

State Academy, i.e-VSP or DOC

Regional Academy i.e Cardinal or Hampton Roads

Indpendent Academy i.e-Henrico or Chesterfield.

Comments: Please fill in if you have a question or need additional information

This page is for providing class participant information when you attend a class at Crater Academy and no 'advance registration' has been done.

Please only use this form at the Direction of a Crater Academy Staff member. 

If you have a general question and need assistance, please use the following:

Academy Staff

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