The CCJTA & New Social Media Law partnership

Together Crater Academy and a nationally recognized social media attorney provide important social media training

The CCJTA & VRSA partnership

Together Crater Academy and the Virginia Risk Sharing Association (formerly VMLIP) provide quality law enforcement training 

Online Training

Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy

​​​​​ The Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy (CCJTA) has a variety of online training options

Please explore each one and contact us with any questions

Other online resources

If a Crater Academy Agency Member would like to receive In-Service credit for a course not listed on this page; their are specific requirements that need to be met.

We encourage the Officer to contact the Academy Staff before enrolling in the course(s). 

Here are the requirements:


Agency (User) must provide :

A.     An attendance roster demonstrating attendance of the full session is required to receive partial in-service training credit.

 B.     A user log shall be kept for all distance learning training which includes; the user’s name, employee tracking number, time logged on, time logged off and name of the training program. Partial in-service training credit will only be awarded for completed training programs. If a program has multiple training segments, all segments must be completed in order to obtain in-service training credit.

C.    The Agency Administrator, or their designee shall obtain course information to include; subject matter, date and times the class is available, and the instructor’s name and qualifications. This information shall be forwarded to the Training Academy serving their agency for approval and award of partial in-service credit.

D. A post test, answer guide, lesson plan, course objectives and other applicable instructional material must be obtained and kept on file by the Certified Training Academy serving the agency for all programs approved for partial in-service training credit.

Training Response Network 

Our main online vendor with dozens of course listed for all professions

Montpelier's Robert H. Smith Center for the Constitution online Course 

Constituitional principles for law enforcement online course