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Constitutional Foundations for Law Enforcement 

Montpelier’s Robert H. Smith Center for the Constitution developed an online course for law enforcement personnel with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s DCJS. The course focuses on the role of constitutional principles in law enforcement and is designed to be relevant to anyone working in law enforcement.

Since 2009, Montpelier has hosted residential trainings for law enforcement at its Orange, Virginia facilities. The Constitutional Foundations for Law Enforcement online course will give participants similar content to the Constitutional Foundations for Law Enforcement residential course, but without the level of interaction you would expect from a multi-day residential program.

The online course would be an excellent base for officers attending future residential seminars, raising the level of discourse possible in the relatively short period of time available during a residential event, but the online course is intended as a standalone training program.

The project was funded by the Office of the Attorney General with funds made available through asset forfeiture and with the help of the Department of Criminal Justice Services. The online course is available to all Virginia law enforcement agencies for three years at no cost.
The project features the expertise of leading voices in the Criminology and U.S. Constitution fields, with ample input from practitioners. To develop the course, Montpelier used an Advisory Group of scholars and experts to guide the creation of the content and utilized a separate group of scholars to develop the course content and video segments. Montpelier also used a series of reviewers to examine the course content for clarity, neutrality, and accuracy ensuring the highest academic standards

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