Job Openings

Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy

Position:         Adjunct Instructor         (CONTINUOUS RECRUITMENT)
Details: On a continual basis, the Academy seeks highly motivated and qualified people with excellent skills to serve as Adjunct Instructors

Successful candidates should be prepared to assist in areas of Academy Instruction.  Only candidates that have experience in needed General or Specialized areas of Instruction will be considered.  

These are primarily volunteer positions; if compensation at a contract rate is considered it will be determined based on Knowledge, Skills and Abilities.

For information, send inquiries to:

 See below for Full-time and PTOC positions open at this time.

  All Academy Applications must be submitted on a Virginia State Application Form.

The state application is provided here for your convenience in both PDF and Word formats:

VA State App. pdf version
VA State App MS Word version

All submissions also require a Resume and Cover Letter.