Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy


Graduation exercises of Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy (CCJTA) are functions not open to the public at large and are by invitation only for ticket holders only. 

 As a private event CCJTA reserves the right to deny admission to anyone that it deems necessary.

Graduation for the 101st BJA will be held

Monday, September 13, 2021​​​​ at 11:00am

and will take place at:

       Hopewell Family Moose Lodge
       4701 Western Street
       Hopewell Virginia 23860

Other upcoming Graduation dates are:

102nd BJA -- Dec. 14, 2021

97th BLE -- Dec. 16, 2021

Time and location TBA. Check back for more details.

If you need other information on graduation dates, see our calendar.

If you need to RSVP for the ceremony, or have any additional questions please contact us.

Basic Academy Graduations