All Graduations for the Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy

are being held at The Good Shepherd Baptist Church at: 

2223 S. Crater Road
Petersburg VA 23805

Upcoming Graduations date are:

94th BLE – March 26th 2020 

97th BJA -- April 2, 2020

98th BJA -- June 25, 2020

95th BLE -- Sept. 10, 2020

99th BJA -- Sept. 17, 2020

100th BJA -- Dec. 17, 2020

96th BLE -- March 26, 2021


If you need other information on Graduation dates, see our Calendar...

If you need further information or directions to Good Shepherd Baptist Church, 
please click
 <here> for a link to the location

If you need to RSVP for the Ceremony, or have any additional questions please contact us..

Basic Academy Graduations


Graduation exercises of Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy (CCJTA) are functions not open to the public at large and are by invitation only for ticket holders only. 

 As a private event CCJTA reserves the right to deny admission to anyone that it deems necessary.

Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy