It shall be the policy of the Crater Criminal Justice Academy that attending students' attire shall be established in accordance with Section I of the School Rules and Regulations.


Dress on classroom days will normally be appropriate Business Casual Attire as determined by staff, or departmental uniform.  

Dress must be neat and professional in appearance.  At the discretion of academy staff, students who are inappropriately attired may be required to leave the training site and change clothes.

Unless authorized in advance by academy staff this is a partial listing of clothing and attire that is not appropriate: tank tops, shorts, flip-flops, or any open toe or back shoe or sandal, and gym clothing will not be permitted.  Clothing with inappropriate designs, pictures or writing will not be permitted.  Blue Jeans that are neat and not torn or show extreme wear are permitted.

Changes to this policy for special training sessions will be determined solely by academy staff


     Dress on classroom days will normally be Academy Uniform.  If the Academy uniform is unavailable then the Agency Uniform may be worn.  The "Agency Uniform" for those attending as Recruits will always be the Agency "uniform for the day" minus the duty gear, and weapon (except as when told by Staff to bring them.)  Recruits of both classes will also be issued Academy headgear to be worn while attending the Academy.

Footwear for class will be "Authorized Agency footwear."  Further instructions will be given to Recruits for information on clothing for Defensive Tactics, or Physical Training. 

For the first day of the L.E. Basic Academy, Recruits are to report in Professional Business Attire (Shirt & Tie, or like clothing) or Departmental Uniforms.

More extensive rules regarding the Dress Code are given to Basic Training Recruits on their first day of Academy Orientation.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the staff member responsible for that program

Dress Code

Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy