Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy

The Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy (CCJTA) Academy is now offering a Pre-Eployment program.

the Crater Pre-Employment Program, or CPREP is a new program that is different than our normal training programs.

Since its inception Crater Criminal Justice Academy has only trained "Affiliated Individuals."  What this means is that you had to be affiliated with one of our Member of Contract Agencies, or a Law Enforcement Agency that we had an agreement with.

Crater Academy has started the "Pre-Employment Program."  The Crater Pre-Employment Program, or CPREP, is designed to give individuals a chance to attend training, without already being hired by an agency. 

This program will have many benefits for the Candidates in the program, as well as the Agencies that Crater Academy serves.  An individual will now be able to show an Agency that they have taken the initiative to put themselves thru the program, thus the Agency will not be taking as much of a risk on hiring a "unknown" quantity.

Once an individual applies, they will be screened, and if accepted they will be allowed to attend training at the Academy at their own costs.  

Candidates will not be "certified" they will be "eligible for certification."  If a Candidate successfully completes the program, they will need to be hired by a Law Enforcement or Public Safety Agency or entity to be certified.  There will be other terms and conditions that will be explained to applicants.

The training that will be offered under this program includes:

Basic Law Enforcement Training (22 Training Weeks)

Basic Jailor / Courtroom Security-Civil Process Training (10 Training Weeks, 11 with CS/CP)

Basic Dispatcher Training (2 Weeks)

Basic Animal Control Training (3 Weeks)

Partial List of minimum CPREP Requirements-(Law Enforcement):
Must be a U.S. Citizen, or currently in the naturalization process
Must be eighteen (18) to enroll

Possess a valid motor vehicle license
High School Diploma, or G.E.D.
Successfully pass a physical examination by a licensed physician of the Academy’s designation
Successfully pass a drug screening by a licensed physician of the Academy’s designation
Successfully pass a psychological assessment by a licensed professional of the Academy’s designation
Background and Driving record will be scrutinized, no convictions of Domestic Assault or Violence, or DUI.

CPREP Tuition-Law Enforcement:
Academy Tuition**                                                  $  3,500.00
Administrative / Application fee                              $     150.00
DCJS Administrative fee                                         $     100.00
Background Investigation fee                                  $     275.00
Physical Examination***                                           $    498.00
Psychological Screening                                          $    350.00

**Tuition costs include: Academy Uniform (Shirts,Trousers, Cap, Physical Training gear etc.), use of needed Academy equipment (belts, handcuffs, etc.) Use of Academy Firearm, and required ammunition, Use of Vehicle for Driver Training, as well as selected stationary and book supplies.  The Applicant Is responsible for costs to obtain needed records, including but not limited to: Military, Education, Fingerprint based CH requests, Birth certificate, court documents, or others as required.

***Physical Examination & Drug Screening include: Physical Exam, Audiogram, Chem Blood Panel (21), CBC, Chest X-ray, EKG and Pulmonary Function Test with OSHA Questionnaire and Respirator Clearance (RCQ).  5-Panel Drug Screen with MRO Urinalysis and Eye Chart Exam.

Fees are mostly the same for each CPREP Program, the tuition varies by program, as described below.  

Crater Academy does participate with the Montgomery G.I Bill, Military Veterans Program.

CPREP Tuition-Jailor, CS-CP:
Academy Tuition                                                  $  2,000.00

CPREP Tuition-Dispatcher:
Academy Tuition                                                  $  750.00
**Physical costs will be lower for Dispatcher**

CPREP Tuition-Animal Control Officer:
Academy Tuition                                                  $  1,000.00
**Physical costs will be lower for Animal Control Officer**

CPREP Orientation sessions:


Contact the Academy for dates using contact form below.


If you have additional questions that are not addressed here, you may contact us by using the form above.

Thank you for your interest and motivation to becoming part of the Law Enforcement Profession in Virginia!

Please download our CPREP brochure for more information

Crater Pre-Employment Program (CPREP)