Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy

Certificates / Training Records 

Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy (CCJTA) issues certificates for classes that are "certification" classes.

These courses include: Basic / Entry Level Training and Academies (all types)

                                      In-Service training: Speed Measurement, Field Training Officer, CIT

For other courses, CCJTA will issue a Course Completion Notice (Green Sheet); these sheets are generated at the end of a course and given to a student.  

These notices are then followed by the official class closing where the class credits are recorded on either a Form 41 or an ISTC.

Training Records.

The Academy will provide copies of a students training history upon request.  The training history will show classes taken at CCJTA.  The Training History will also show the record the Academy has for an individuals certifications and Instructor status(es.)

Replacing lost / damaged certificates

Where a certificate has been lost or damaged the Academy will replace a certificate only if the certificate has been issued within the last two years from the time of request.  

After this amount of time has lapsed the requester may apply for a Course Certifying Statement letter. This letter will list all pertinent information from the class.

In cases where a duplicate certificate can not be provided a Course Certifying Statement letter will be provided.

​Only the individual themselves (no other individual or third party) may request and receive a Certificate or a Course Certifying Statement letter

To receive a Certificate / Certifying Letter and/or a Training History; please complete the form below.  Please be sure to indicate in the comments section which document(s) you are requesting.

In addition to completing the form below; if the individual is not appearing in person then they must submit the Authorization for Release of Records form...<click here>  This form is not necessary when appearing in person at the Academy with proper identification.

If you have additional questions or need any information, please contact