The Academy Staff is here to assist you in any way.

Please contact us if you have any questions; read below each staff members name to see how we can best assist you. 

              Main Phone:        (804) 722-9742              

Fax Number:        (804) 722-9574
Academy Weather & Information Line (recording-avail 24 hrs a day):      (804) 722-9746


Jon J. Cliborne 
Executive Director

(804) 518-4800-Office Direct
      (804) 722-9742, ext. 132 
(804) 720-7901-Mobile Phone


Tiffany Matthews

Administrative Assistant
(804) 518-4805
  (804) 722-9742, ext. 131

For issues regarding:
Accounting Issues-Receivable & Payable & Purchase Orders.  Handles RSVP’s for all Academy functions including Board of Directors’ meetings, and Academy Graduations.   

Samantha Nodler
Training Records Coordinator

 (804) 518-4806
  (804) 722-9742, ext. 130 or

For issues regarding: 
Class Registrations, Change of Status Forms for Officers, Training History Requests.  
Training Records and Online Training Issues


 Dawn Marshall
Deputy Director

 (804) 518-4801

(804) 722-9742, ext. 137
(804) 720-7903-Mobile Phone

For Issues Regarding: 
Coordinates day to day operations.  Coordinates facilities use.  Management of Annual Training Calendar.

Coordinates selected In-Service Training classes-(including Animal Control and Basic Dispatch / Communications courses.) 

Jody Atkins
Training Coordinator / Staff Instructor
Basic Law Enforcement

 (804) 518-4802

(804) 722-9742, ext. 134
(804) 720-7902-Mobile Phone

For Issues Regarding:
Basic Law Enforcement Training Courses-(BLE.)  
Schedules apprenticeships for General Instructor, or any of the Instructor Specialties in the BLE.

Mike DeVaughn
Training Coordinator / Staff Instructor
Basic Jailor Academy-(BJA)

 (804) 518-4803
(804) 722-9742, ext. 135
(804) 720-7904-Mobile Phone

For Issues Regarding:
Basic Jail Officer Training Courses-(BJA.)  
Schedules apprenticeships for General Instructor, or any of the Instructor Specialties in the BJA.

Kenny Perry 
Training Coordinator / Staff Instructor 
In-Service and C.I.T Training

(804) 518-4806
 (804) 722-9742, ext. 136
(804) 715-2489-Mobile Phone

For Issues Regarding: 

For Issues Regarding: 
 In-Service Training classes; coordinates firearms range use.

Coordinates Academy CIT Program for District 19


Rod Davis
Staff Instructor / Assistant Training Coordinator-Basic Training

 (804) 518-4807
       (804) 722-9742, ext. 143
        (804) 317-9070-Mobile Phone

For Issues Regarding:
Use of Force Training in all programs and Defensive Tactics.  Coordinates Recruit Physical Fitness program.  Also assists with coordinating In-Service training and Instruction in all areas, as needed.

Greg Lewis
Staff Instructor / Assistant Training Coordinator-In-Service Training

 (804) 518-4808
       (804) 722-9742, ext. 144
        (804) 731-2301-Mobile Phone

For Issues Regarding:
Provides instruction in all areas as needed.  Also assists with coordinating In-Service training.


Eric Liverman
Staff Instructor / Assistant Training Coordinator-Special Skills

 (804) 518-4809
       (804) 722-9742, ext. 145
        (804) 892-0218-Mobile Phone

For Issues Regarding:
Provides instruction in all areas as needed; also coordinates Special Skills training areas in both Basic and In-Service training including: Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Driver Training, Applied Patrol tactics for the BLE, Entry Level Practicals for the BJA, Speed Measurement as well as DUI / SFST             



The Academy has affiliations with several individuals high quality Instructors; these individuals whom we rely on for their skills and expertise we refer to as “Adjunct” Instructors.  They are Part Time on Call (PTOC) Instructors.  

They are experienced Law Enforcement Officers who want to continue to give back to their communities and the Law Enforcement as a Profession by continuing to serve at the Academy.

Charlie Winslow
Adjunct Instructor

   (804) 722-9742, ext. 139

Specializing in Tactical Training.  Coordinates Crater's Tactical Training program: High Risk Warrant Service Ops, Armed Barricaded Persons Ops, Hostage Rescue Ops, Tactical/SWAT Sniper, Extreme Officer Survival and Tactical/SWAT Commander.  Also specializes in teaching Advanced NIMS/ICS Courses, and certain Supervisor Courses.  
Paul Ludwig
Adjunct Instructor

    (804) 722-9742, ext. 139

Specializing In: Technical Instruction for Jailor training, both Basic and In-Service level

Patrick Siewert
Adjunct Instructor

    (804) 722-9742, ext. 139

Specializing In: Technical Instruction in many topics.  

Specializes in: ALERRT training, Firearms training and Digital Forensics.  

Academy Staff

Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy